Long ago, when nights were prevailed by darkness and even a thought of a gadget that can illuminate the world never crossed anyone’s mind. In those times, a boy appeared and claimed to have invented something that can put an end to rule of darkness. He had everyone shocked. None could have thought of something like this. After more than a thousand attempts, a boy, who was expelled from school because of not being able to be as normal as kids, with his mother’s support only, made something as incredible as a light bulb. A light bulb at that time was no less than Sun in the night.

Thomas Edison came in public with a bang by dint of his hard work and trust in himself. Mother Teresa’s words are truly justifying this great personality. She herself is idolized by everyone. Youth Ubaal Foundation is trying to take this legacy to next generation. A group consisting young enthusiastic minds takes some time off and serving the needy as much as possible. We don’t let anyone wear a long face. Our salary is their smiles. The only motivation is their satisfaction and a hope in their eyes that makes a humble request to us to come back over and over again. Our volunteers are emerging as crusaders to make a difference. 

When kids, whom we don’t know, welcome us with open arms cheerfully, we ourselves wish to visit them whenever possible. When elderly abandoned by their dear ones enjoy their day with us and share their stories with us, how are we supposed to dash their hope. When we look them in the eyes, we can see them controlling their emotions. Always a feeling not to let us go can be sensed around us. How are we supposed to be too rude to let them suffer such an ailment whereas the cure is our presence. As long as we are with them, they forget everything and try to live in that moment as much as possible. 

Those who are unable to accompany us, help us with whatever they have so that we may keep the godly work going. They are the people who don’t live the life, survive through it. It is no social work rather it is humanity. As a human, we are supposed to be hope for those who are sidelined. Nowadays humanity is on the brink of extinct. Humanity is basic nature of a human. Only a body does not make you a human, it should have a heart that can empathise with others and help and empower them to be able to get away of it.