Donate Us

Spread smiles and fulfill a cause on your special days. Make it your epiphany moment, and together let us start a new custom!

Growing up has always been a bittersweet experience. The worldly ties with society tend to become either strong or mere lost memories. In between all this chaos, we forget to think about those who don’t have the adequate resources to make similar memories. You might remember your birthday with friends, or the anniversary on a beachside, or a party after the graduation, or a hefty meal for the priests after a death. The society works according to the customs laid, or what the mainstream ideology tells them to act like. But with the growing population and also the increasing number of not-so-fortunate individuals, why can’t we stop and share a part of our emotions with them? Why can’t we make their lives a little blissful and also do what we seek to do? These smiles are more precious and more comforting than anything.

We won’t ask for a donation, we’ll ask you to make them a part of your happiness and sorrows. Your one unused cloth, one extra meal, one extra candle, one extra penny is all it’ll take to make these people out there realize the world wants them as much as we want to feel special and loved.

Choose the day, place and the things which you’ll share. Orphanage or old age home, with puppies or with children, the choice is yours. We’ll help you conduct your occasions just the way you’ll like it, with a promise that you’ll go back with tons of blessings and a picture of smiling faces.