MMIGM (Make My India Great Mission)


India is a land that started witnessing a strong sense of patriotism during its time of independence. Radicals or moderates, merchants or farmers, everyone sang the same songs of sacrifice and freedom.

For what it’s worth knowing, modern-day patriotism now is reduced to nothing but mere national holidays.

We are existing in an era where the government is making amends in our system and day to day lives, to incorporate some elements of patriotism. Do you think there would have been a need to sing the national anthem in theatres if we respected it enough to incorporate it in our lives as a prayer? Or, why are national flags seen in the hands of everyone during Independence and Republic days, and the next day is seen lying on roads, abandoned by people. Why do we consider it the task of the military forces to be responsible for our nation?

 Why can’t we do our small bit and atleast start making a difference?

Youth Ubaal Foundation believes it is not important to join an NGO and follow it’s vision and mission for supporting the change in society. Your efforts and individual insight are all that takes to initiate the change.

“BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN SOCIETY”. Start with yourself. Start with your set of hands.

Being committed to your land is a personal feeling. The intensity of emotions varies from person to person. Patriotism isn’t something that can be forced upon or can be concluded by saying a set of words or depicting certain actions. Patriotism is the faith in your land, faith that the best is yet to come for the country. Patriotism is religion itself.

Through our NGO, we plan to instill and encourage this type of self-reliance in today’s youth. It is our responsibility to ensure the conservation of our Mother Earth. We support to make Hindi our national language and give it a status of respect and identity. Finding people who can be actively involved in hindi debating through our platform of ‘bhashanbazi’ is our personal approach to gather people with same ideology . Following the path of Gandhi Ji, cleanliness drives are also being  held not only in our city, but in other states too. At places of significance like hospitals and river banks, we ensure to do our bit.

We don’t need a uniform, a weapon or political power to depict our love for the country. We need to find the best version of a superhero in ourselves. And YUF has made this it’s quest to nurture such heroes for our mother earth.