NOOR (Child Care)

God's Gift

The beauty of having a girlchild can only be understood by the parents. Birth has always been synonymous with happiness, it is a celebration where a new member becomes the most important human for everyone.

A girl especially is considered to be a reflection of her mother, the support system and a cherry of her father’s eyes. Unfortunately, Our country still attaches the negative adjective of ‘liability’ to the daughters. But yet our heroes, and parents of our little sunshine NOOR ARORA decided to break free from this ideology and embrace the existence of their baby girl in their lives, along with the lives of the other kids too. Ashish Arora And Sonam Arora were determined to change the existing notions about the girls, by making small efforts on their behalf.

A joint venture with YUF was carried out for the same purpose. it was decided to dedicate this project towards childcare, by focusing on wholesome development, by providing them the essentials like proper nourishment, education, clothing, etc.

Besides the regular meetups, every year on 25th April particularly, a small celebration is carried out throughout all the orphanages and shelter homes under us, to mark the birthday of NOOR.

Recently, a trip to Khushi Rainbow Homes in Okhla was conducted on the account of Noor’s 3rd birthday, where the motive remained to show that parenthood is something that every child deserves. The ones who are not blessed with parents or are left behind by them are similar to the rest of the kids. They are as much deserving of the care and support as every other kid.

Every kid is a god’s sent gift. And this power couple had faith in themselves and is working with us to spread and share their love with every kid they are capable to reach out to.

‘It’s not only your child that deserves all the happiness in this world, but every other existing child is worthy of that same feeling.’

Continuing to be one of our reputed projects, this has been the most successful campaign which is affecting the greatest number of children in our ambit.