WE CARE (Senior Citizens)

Old is Gold

We Care

Remember the days when sleeping after listening to a fairytale by grandmother was a routine? or the times when maternal grandmother used to stock up the fridge with the favorite ice cream before you came to meet her in summer vacations? Or days when grandpa used to roam in the park carrying you on his shoulders and being a horse for your happiness?

‘Oldies never get old’. They have been the most consistent part of our childhood, and maybe the best part too. Though unfortunately, Busy lives and tight schedules have left us in a place where we are not able to give the required time to them. worse, they are now being abandoned by their families and told to live in old age homes. yes, we are no one to judge the circumstances of anyone, but we can make a difference to not let our golden people feel alone.

Our oldies made it their mission to give us a childhood we will never forget. Their wrinkly smiles and grey hair never stopped them to make efforts for us. their love has been sacred. YUF carried out this project to give back what they did for us.

under this project, we made it our mission to go and indulge with these people and get them to participate with us. Get them grooving in retro-style of the ’90s, singing the classics, participating in activities, sharing memories with them. This is something very basic, yet has the potential to leave an impact. These people who have experienced everything in life and are now free from any family obligations feel chuffed with anything that gives them a family-like feeling.

The visits to the old age homes on special days are conducted and time is spent with the sheer motive to make them feel wanted as much as any of us. Reinstate the belief that they can never be forgotten, they can never be replaced. They are the ones who cared, earned and sacrificed a lot for us and labeling them a liability is discountenanced by us.

we have walked the paths holding their fingers, we have slept in their laps feeling protected, we have enjoyed their unconditional love and they pampered us without any expectations. now’s the time to show that their love has never gone in vain. we loved our oldies, and we’ll always love them, and this project is just one of those ways to show them that ‘WE CARE’.