WE (Women Empowerment)

Brave & Beautiful

This project is one of the initial success stories which YUF made when it was taking its baby steps. A land existing with the patriarchal outlook, our first move was to target the gender which should bear the utmost importance, but is still struggling to make its way up there on the hierarchy line- THE WOMEN. A strong society needs a base of strong pillars, and giving a woman the right resources and the right direction in terms of skills and education is bound to make a difference in society. After all, the saying ‘if you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation’ stands legit right?

On these grounds, we decided to work for women empowerment by providing them skills to earn a living for themselves. Initially, We decided to collect the hand made clay artifacts by a community of rural women, and sold them by setting up a stall. The money collected by this initiative was put towards the sensitization of women. We believe that the hands of a woman are not only made for dealing with the kitchen utensils and dressing up to fit the beauty standards of society. Women are the individuals who can both be beautiful and brave. Indian history is full of such examples. Women of our land have always been benevolent along with being a person of substance, managing everything which comes their way. It is disrespectful to look down upon their existence and narrow down their purpose of living only to a household or a relatively meager pay.


We salute all the women out there. Their efforts are everything the modern economy needs. They are the ones who can multitask and balance their lives along with the lives of others. ‘WE’ started with the agenda to bring a revolution and establish the real meaning of feminism in the society, along with frowning upon the inappropriate ideals which have construed the meaning of feminism in the society.

The campaigns coming up will focus on hygiene, mental health and equal pay for the women of our society. Initiative to normalize the requirement to speak for the needs will be raised. The need to make sanitary products cheaper and easily available, decisions taken for the body and mind of the women, specifically in terms of abortion and sexuality is our next big mark we are about to make, and working on the fundamental right of getting an equal pay in every sphere of work is a voice that will soon echo.